Ona Catering

Our catering was born from the union between Ona Catering, a service for the integral organization of events and Barrère, the largest catering company in the French Basque Country, born in 1948.

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Astigarraga – Gipuzkoa

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Ona Catering

– A project of passion and love for cooking –

What better than Ona, rich and good in Euskera, to represent what we are now. A
unique team with total dedication to gastronomy, where our mission is to take careof you.

That fusion and dedication, makes us work in total coordination to ensure the success of any event.



Rise the banquet of your wedding with the culinary distinction of ‘Ona Catering’, where every dish is a fusion of taste and elegance.



Enhance your company’s image with the gastronomical excellence of ‘Ona Catering’, in corporative events, guaranteeing quality and professionalism.



Discover the amenity of tasting the grand cuisine in your home with our home delivery service, taking ‘Ona Catering’s quality to your table

Specialists in events

We are a catering company specialized in organizing all kinds of events. Adapting ourselves to your needs, we offer customized budgets, furniture, waiters service and decoration, all under the supervision of a team of chefs and pastry chefs with a great experience in events and caterings.


We know that your wedding day is something very special, that’s why we want to help you to organize the wedding of your dreams. We put at your disposal all our experience, the infrastructures and a team of cooks and pastry chefs with lots of experience in events and caterings.

About Us

Maite Partido

Maite Partido is the gastronomic director in Ona Catering Self-taught chef, of great sensitivity and taste for excellence, she has forged a professional career participating in multiple gastronomic competitions, she was even selected among the 5 best chefs of 2006, along with Chef Asier Abal.

The 6 years of dedication to the Kokotxa Restaurant, awarded with a Michelin star and two Repsol Suns, led her to face the challenge of directing the kitchen of La Muralla Restaurant and leading the reopening of the emblematic Urepel. She currently combines her professional dedication between Ona Catering and different gastronomic advising

Erika Beitia

Since 2012, se has focused on the events organization. After three years of overseeing the event department of the San Sebastian  nternational Film Festival, she decided to create her own project.

The mastery of 5 languages and several years working in North  merica encouraged her to work with couples of all the world. In her way, she joined Maite Partido and created Ona Catering, a  atering service for weddings and events of all sizes. She takes advantage of her knowledge in law, protocol, and hygiene to help in different  astronomic initiatives.

Mucho más que un catering

We are organizers and promoters of events. We take care of the global management of it. Communication, logistics, personnel and catering.

Private Dinners

Private dinners for a maximum of 8 guests that will interact directly with the kitchen team while preparing the dishes. A symbiosis between the creators and the diner that will surely surprise everyone. An atmosphere of intimacy to learn about the elaboration of a top-quality kitchen treasured by Chef Daniel opez of Kokotxa restaurant (One Michelin star and two Repsol suns). Afterwards, diners can enjoy a tasting menu of everything they have seen and discuss it with the authors in a unique atmosphere.

Cenas Privadas - CB Catering

Fusion Dinners

Our fusion dinners are the perfect occasion to savor different cultures by the hand of the best national and international chefs. We gather together<br /> astronomy and culture. We have made various dinners for different purposes, whether beneficial or cultural. With the support of international public institutions, we gather in the same kitchen prestigious Chefs from different countries, fusing their culinary cultures and offering the diners a unique experience.

Gastronomic Innovation

We create virtual reality components in the world of gastronomy, starred by great renowned Chefs that transport you to distant culinary universes. We have our own 360 recording team and we implement our own apps that include interaction and elements in 3D